What typeface do you want on your tombstone?

Adam Tickle
Comic sans reading, “this guy always saw the funny side of things.”

Andrew Blauvelt
Probably something sans serif.

Dan McCarthy

Ed Fella
I would not pick it. I would want a vernacular, anonymous tombstone. Whatever looks like a tombstone nowadays - whatever they do - that’s what I want.

Eric Karjaluoto
No tombstone; no decorations; no fluff. I’d urge them to just burn the body and have everyone get on with things.

Evan Leake
I’d ask for Helvetica Bold, but I’d probably get Comic sans.

Flip Flop Flyin
Gill Sans.

Friedrich-Wilhelm Graf
No tombstone please.

VAG Rounded

George Lois
I’m a control freak, but I’ll leave that to my wife Rosemary and my son Luke.

Hula Hula
I’d rather be incinerated, but to answer your question, please, not Trajan. I have always liked Cooper Black, and I suppose it fits me well.

Jeff Domke
Chalet New York 1960 by House Industries

Justin Ouellette

Milton Glaser
I am being cremated.

Please Let Me Design
Damien: Comic Sans. Maybe I’ll change my mind as I get older.
Pierre: Helvetica Neue Regular, bold.

Rick Valicenti
My handwriting, real human presence.

Zoe Bather
No idea. I don’t care. That’s a decision for someone else to make.

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