What are three things you want to do before you die?

Adam Tickle
See the world
Own a chair from Vitra
Write a book

Adrian Shaughnessy
Again – too risky to admit in public.

Dan McCarthy
1. Jump out of a plane without a parachute
2. Get bit by a cobra
3. Swim with great white sharks

Ed Fella
I want to get to all the things that I put aside and said I’d get to someday, because that someday is now. I don’t want anything new. I just want to finish up my interests and projects. I want to archive all my stuff, all of my past, too.

Eric Karjaluoto
Launch one project that really connects with people; spend a year in a warm place with my family; and, continue to make fun things at smashLAB, with my business partner Eric Shelkie.

Evan Leake
1) Travel more
2) Read more
3) Work more

1. Learn how to play bass.
2. Jump from a plane (parachute).
3. Design a city.

Flip Flop Flyin
Stand on a glacier. Become a father. Learn how to relax.

I’m doing all of them.

Hula Hula
Be a father
Let the people I love know about it and be there for them
Stop and Enjoy Hoy.

Ian Stevenson
Do more animations, record more voices and do some rapping.

Justin Ouellette
Learn to sail, go on an Arctic expedition, write a book. Maybe in that order?

Milton Glaser
I just want to keep on doing what I am doing: teaching, working, thinking.

Please Let Me Design
Damien: Pimped clothes, pimped cars and pimped girls.
Pierre: Answer this questionnaire, move to New York and play the guitar with Paul McCartney.

Rick Valicenti
Know more love
Work as if it is play
And be paid to play as if it work

Zoe Bather
I haven’t decided yet. But I’m sure they won’t be anything to do with design.

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