What question have you been dying someone to ask you?

Adrian Shaughnessy
The next question.

Dan McCarthy
This one: What is the best interview question you could ever be asked?

Eric Karjaluoto
“Hey, Eric... Do you think that smashLAB would be interested in working on the new site for the MoMA?”

Evan Leake
I haven’t really thought about it, honestly.

What number am I thinking?

Flip Flop Flyin
The one you just asked.

Something silly

George Lois
Anything I’m “dying” to tell you, has already been written by me in my books. If a design student doesn’t read my books, they’re dopes. I’ve written 7 books for the talent that follows me. Tell them to go to for my book list.

Hula Hula
Hmmm. I don’t know either. I really don’t have anything that I am dying to say. I’d like to think my work speaks for me.

Ian Stevenson
Who do you think should stop doing what they are doing? Would you like a Sherbet Lemon?

Milton Glaser
I can’t imagine.

Please Let Me Design
Damien: The previous one.
Pierre: This one

Rick Valicenti
Would you please let me spend the night with your muse?

Wolfgang Weingart
Now, I get tired.

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