Do you discuss your work with other designers?

Adam Tickle
Yeah all the time.

Adrian Shaughnessy
All the time. It’s essential. For me anyway. Other people like to work in isolation.

Andrew Blauvelt

Dan McCarthy
I’m always happy to answer any questions people might have about my art, but most of the time I keep quiet. I prefer for people to look at my art and come to their own conclusions rather than have me tell them what it’s about.

Ed Fella
No, because of my age. When I was a professional, I discussed my work endlessly with other designers. Now, I only discuss it with you and people like you who ask me questions: when I do lectures or when people are interested in my work and come to visit me. I don’t really have a working life anymore. Now, I work as an artist. My students do different things than I. They work on the computer, so my work isn’t discussable. I don’t make bones about that, though.

I’m in exit level design. I don’t mind it. It’s a nice thing to finally take in your life, to let go. Let the next generation do it and sweat it out. I’m done. I can play based on the 30 years of when I did professional work and made a living.

Eric Karjaluoto
Yes; all the time. I find that having to explain these projects really solidifies my perspective on them. It truly is a communicative practice, and as such one must “rally” these ideas back and forth a bit.

Evan Leake
Only occasionally. Not very often. My clients are my main critics, and they’re paying the bills, so they’re priority #1.

Sometimes we do.

Flip Flop Flyin
No. I don’t really like talking about it.

Friedrich-Wilhelm Graf
Yes and no.


George Lois
I don’t need or want any other designer opinions or comments on what I know will communicate powerfully and produce the success I envisioned for the concept. (But I accept applause from them.)

Hula Hula
Yes, all the time. I am not sure how my work would look if I did not have any feedback from fellow designers and non designers. I am always open to suggestions.

Ian Stevenson
I talk with friends because they know what I’m on about. Most of them are creative so yes I do.

Jeff Domke
I’m constantly collecting opinions and feedback from others. Even if I ignore their advice, it provides a good reference point. Here is a little tip: good work gets talked about. Lavish praise and harsh criticism are both indications that you have found a valuable idea. If no one talks about your work because nobody cares, then you have found a garbage idea.

Justin Ouellette
Every day. I live and work with other designers and being able to talk articulately and listen attentively are enormously important.

Working with other designers can be tough because you have to lay yourself bare to criticism from people who understand what you do and whose opinion you value, but ultimately it’s for the best.

Milton Glaser
Only those in the studio.

Please Let Me Design
Damien: Yes, but not only with designers. We have a lot of friends we like to discuss projects with.

Pierre: Of course. Sometimes it helps to discuss with other people. Sometimes we get an idea by discussing with other people, especially if they’re not designers. It gives another perspective on our ideas.

Rick Valicenti
All the time. And I encourage them to do the same.

Wolfgang Weingart
No, why?

Zoe Bather

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