Where do you work on your projects?

Adrian Shaughnessy
Mainly at my studio at home, but sometimes in the studios where I work as a consultant.

Andrew Blauvelt
At work in the studio, occasionally at home.

Dan McCarthy
I work at home. I draw on the dining room table and I have a print shop/paint studio in my basement (under construction at the moment).

Ed Fella
I have a little studio at CalArts. I work in a little room with a little table and lots of books. And all my archives.

Eric Karjaluoto
I’d love to say something exciting here, but the real answer is: at my desk.

Evan Leake
My home office.

Experimental Jetset
We work in our studio; since a couple of years, we have a really nice space, in the west of Amsterdam. Before that, we were working from Marieke’s living room (in the east of Amsterdam), which was also a very good place to work from.

At our office.

Flip Flop Flyin
In the spare room in my apartment.

Friedrich-Wilhelm Graf
Always and never.

Everywhere I go.

George Lois
I had my own ad agencies for 40 years and worked in beautifully designed work spaces. Since 2000, when I supposedly retired, I work full time on projects with my son Luke, a superb computer graphics designer and photographer.

Hula Hula
Here and there and everywhere. We have a studio about half an hour driving distance from my house. I also do lots of work at home, and my sketchbook never rests.

Ian Stevenson
Mainly in my studio in the flat and I have 3 desk system like the Star Ship Enterprise “Make it so”. I also draw on rubbish in the streets and that is always an adventure as you never know what’s around the corner but usually it’s more rubbish.

Jeff Domke
I work on projects at Landor, all the rooms in my house, while laying in bed and while in the shower.

Justin Ouellette
Either at my desk (in an office) or at home on my laptop in various states of recline. I hardly ever sit at my desk at home for some reason, I’d much rather sit cross-legged on my couch and hunch over a 13-inch LCD.

Milton Glaser
At my NY studio, at home and in Woodstock.

Please Let Me Design
(and there**)

* coffee house
** Our studio

Rick Valicenti
In a studio and at home on a table.

Wolfgang Weingart
Preparing my archive, lectures at schools or institutions related to typography.

Zoe Bather
In the studio. I try and avoid working from home.

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