What would you ask for if you had three wishes?

Adam Tickle
To live by the sea
Being able to walk to work
And have a good balance between work and play

Adrian Shaughnessy
I couldn’t admit to any of these in public. I’d be locked up!

Andrew Blauvelt
A shorter questionnaire.

Dan McCarthy
1. A long healthy life 2. The ability to fly 3. 1 million more wishes

Ed Fella
Another 70 years,
Then another 70 years,
Then another 70 years.
But, unfortunately, I have to give the next 70 years up. Its someone else’s turn.

Eric Karjaluoto
I think I’d ask for a little more time.

Evan Leake
1) World peace (generic, I know, but seriously, I’m sick of reading about war)
2) All disease to be cured
3) A large bag of money.

1. Getting free Boston Bagels every day.
2. Having a Daft Punk helmet.
3. Free sneakers for life.

Health for me and all my loved ones.
To find the most amazing love in the world and never lose it.
To share the Friendswithyou idea to every single person and have the world combine our brains towards one love and one goal of a happy future of combined information.

George Lois
I would ask for a War Crimes trial against George W. Bush, an immediate withdrawal of our troops from Iraq, and a government in Washington that makes us all proud to be American’s again.

Hula Hula
1. One more wish every year in exchange for giving the other two away.

Ian Stevenson
1. That I could present a TV blunders show in an American accent.
2. That I could taste the rainbow
3. I could fly right up to the sky, but I can’t. Back off Orvil this is my wish now.

Jeff Domke
No comment. My answer would have nothing to do with design and would be entirely selfish.

Justin Ouellette
A tolerant, progressive society; an end to hunger and disease; cheap and abundant space travel and/or a hotel on the moon.

Milton Glaser
Too cosmic of a question.

Please Let Me Design
I already spent my three wishes in pimped clothes, pimped cars and pimped girls...

Pierre: The ability to not sleep.
The ability to never forget anything.
The ability to always learn.

Rick Valicenti
That my children make fulfilling and personally rewarding lives for themselves.
That love is known by everyone.
Be friends and present with John Lennon and Paul McCartney when they were making their most fearless and courageous, collaborative music.

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