What are the last 5 songs you listened to?

Adam Tickle
(I’ll give you artists)
Say Anything
Hot Water Music
Cinematic Orchestra
Social Distortion

Adrian Shaughnessy
I play music all day, all the time. I’ve just finished listening to an album by a 1970s German band called Amon Duul. They sound very contemporary. Before that it was Panda Bear’s new album. Before that Bert Jansch. And before that The Necks and Jandek.

Andrew Blauvelt
Sadly I can’t remember. It’s all NPR radio listening lately.

Dan McCarthy
I’ll play my itunes on shuffle right now and tell you... 1. Shellac “Steady as She Goes” 2. Scout Niblett “Elizabeth (Black Hearted Queen) 3. Uzeda “Wailing” 4. Black Sabbath “Sweet Leaf” 5. George Harrison “Apple Scruffs”

Ed Fella
I just got back from the “Bang on a Can” marathon in New York and bought a bunch of CDs.

Eric Karjaluoto
They are all from Chris Cornell’s recent album “Carry On”. It’s very good.

Evan Leake
5 tracks of The Knife’s “Deep Cuts”

Shitdisco- I Know Kung Fu
Lou Reed- Wild Child
Beirut- Elephant Gun
The Stone Roses- I Wanna Be Adored
Yo La Tengo- Pass The Hatchet.

Experimental Jetset
We recently bought the ‘Odyssey and Oracle’ album, by The Zombies, and have been listening to it non-stop the last couple of weeks. It’s such a good album. We already had the complete ‘Zombie Heaven’ box set, but this particular reissue of ‘Odyssey and Oracle’ features some extra bonus tracks, so we just had to buy it.

The songs are so sweet, it’s like pure honey. On top of that there are the lyrics, that give those songs a really surreal aftertaste. For example ‘Care of Cell 44’, that starts as an ordinary love song, until the singer casually mentions a prison stay. Or ‘A Rose for Emily’, which is extremely sad; it’s almost an act of sadism from the lyricist, to confront the listener with so much sadness. ‘This Will Be Our Year’ is another favorite song. Such a good song to start the year with: “You don’t have to worry, all your worried days are gone: this will be our year, took a long time to come”. It’s all so terribly beautiful.

So while we are writing these answers, we are listening to this CD, in repeat mode. We don’t know exactly what the last five songs were, but to mention five random songs from the track list: ‘Care of Cell 44’, ‘A Rose for Emily’, ‘Hung up on a Dream’, ‘This Will Be Our Year’, and ‘Time of the Season’.

Flip Flop Flyin
“Run-Away” Super Furry Animals
“Boneyard Dogs” Baxter Dury
“I’m On Fire” Bruce Springsteen
“I Think We’re Alone” The Rubinoos
“Susan” The Buckinghams

Friedrich-Wilhelm Graf
You have to look it up, Dig deeper.

The last five bands would be: Citrus, The Cure, Soulja Boy, Nirvana, and some other random hip hop from the radio.

George Lois
Who gives a shit.

Hula Hula
01: Kanske Ar Jag Kar I Dig / Jens Lekman
02: Burning / The Whitest Boy Alive
03: Lover / Devendra Banhart
04: Grrrl... / Dios (Malos)
05: I wanna make it wit chu / Desert Sessions

Ian Stevenson
Oh yes this is a good one. I’ve been a bit bored of my music collection so I tried the world of internet radio station. There’s always a wonderful jingle and a random advert for something odd.

Jeff Domke
Who knows? Who cares?

Justin Ouellette
Apes & Androids - Put Your Hands Up, MED - Can’t Hold On, The Flashbulb - Lawn Wake IX, Minotaur Shock - Luck Shield, Freescha - Star Black.

Lance Wyman
Falling in Love With Love, Keith Jarrett Trio
Too Young To Go Steady, Keith Jarrett Trio
The Way You Look tonight, Keith Jarrett Trio
Quelqu’un M’a Dit, Carla Bruni

Martin Anderson
Anything that I have recently recorded myself.

Milton Glaser
Night and Day, The September Song, It Never Entered My Mind (all on the Sirius Sinatra station) Bach violin concerto and Esther Philips at home.

Please Let Me Design
Why?: The Hollows
The Blow: Pile of Gold
Duran Duran: Girls on Film
Islands: Don’t Call Me Whitney, Bobby
Prokofiev: Piano Concerto No. 1 in D flat major, Op. 10, III. Allegro scherzando
(+ the five songs on Pierre’s list)

Pierre: The Do: On my Shoulders
Beirut: Nantes
Battles: Tonto
Colonel Bastard: Death
Tortoise & Bonnie “Prince” Billy: Thunder Road

Rick Valicenti
I listen to artists rather than songs. My top five stations are:
John Adams
Edith Plaf
Nina Simone
Bob Dylan ‘sweetheart like you’
Moni Mitchell
But, i do like the latest nick cave work.

Wolfgang Weingart
I am not 25 years old, child! My favorite musicians are all around 200 years back.

Zoe Bather
5 very bad ‘Christmas songs’. Someone has decided it is officially Christmas in the studio now and so they will be the staples for the next week.

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