What is the best moment of the day?

Aaron Horkey
Waking up next to our four-month-old.

Adam Tickle
Cooking a nice meal.

Adrian Shaughnessy
I like all times of the day – except those moments when you think you’ve finished a job and a client calls up and says, “I’ve been thinking, I’d like to change...”

Andrew Blauvelt
The weekend days.

Dan McCarthy
I love dusk. The silhouettes are so rich they look wet.

Eric Karjaluoto
That time when I’m just working effectively: no phone calls, no emails to respond to, no desk to clean. I love it when this stuff almost feels effortless. (That being said this doesn’t happen as often as I’d like it to.)

Evan Leake
When I look out the window in my office that faces my back yard and see the family of deer that live somewhere on my property eating grass. I know I’ve got it pretty good.


Flip Flop Flyin
The moments between waking up and realizing you have to get out of bed.

Friedrich-Wilhelm Graf
* Twilight, time in between time.
***bonus content:
* Depends, could be the morning waking up next to our daughter,
* The morning when you having time to swim or run,
* Lunch time when you have had a little bit to much food and wine
* Evening are always fine with friends.

Depends on the day

George Lois
Best moment of the day? When you know you just nailed down a mind-boggling idea.

Hula Hula
Shower time.

Ian Stevenson
The moment I open my eyes after a good nights sleep and I realise that I have one more day of life. Not really... I like it when I make a cup of tea and a great daytime TV movie appears before my eyes.

Jeff Domke
My best moment is the rush I get from stumbling onto a really good idea. I also enjoy getting stuff back from the printer/vendor that is produced well.

Justin Ouellette
The last hour before you fall asleep.

Please Let Me Design
Damien: Early in the morning, around 5.00. It’s still and quiet. Wink

Pierre: Night. When you’ve got the impression that everything is still and quiet. You own the night. Very early in the morning is the same

Martin Anderson
Black coffee with hazelnut syrup in the morning

Milton Glaser
Depends on whom I am with.

Rick Valicenti
The earliest part of the morning.

Wolfgang Weingart
To be drunk and have a deep sleep.

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