Do you have any pointers for those just getting into the field?

Adam Tickle
Really perfect your portfolio and presentation. A strong, unique portfolio will gain you interest. Speak to as many people as possible and try not to be shy, ring people up!

Adrian Shaughnessy
When you think its tough to break into the profession, remember that it has been tough for every preceding generation; you are not the first to experience problems. Also, never blame clients or employers for bad work: if you do bad work it’s your responsibility.

Dan McCarthy
Make a website and update it often.

Eric Karjaluoto
Concentrate on the area that you most enjoy; that way it will never feel like work.

Evan Leake
Find a small client that you would like to work for. Approach them about doing work. Money isn’t important to begin with, but don’t ever work for free. The more projects you get, the more people will take notice, and the more you can eventually charge. Just remember that in the beginning, its more important to actually have clients to do work for.

Do your own thing.

Flip Flop Flyin
Be lucky.

Friedrich-Wilhelm Graf
Be passionate. Think deeper. Try to figure out, what really interests you.

***bonus content: (Don’t be in it for the big money. If you are, then switch to advertising or change your career path/profession.)

Trust other people, trust yourself. Listen well, and be open to other points of view. Care deeply for your craft or don’t waste your time. Be human. Be in love. Be passionate.

Hula Hula
Walk, don’t run.
Keep your eyes wide open.
Stay Honest.
Inspire and be Inspired.
Sketch a lot.
Learn how to distinguish fortunate mistakes.
Enjoy Hoy.

Ian Stevenson
Get a website and do your own thing. Don’t copy other people as there’s enough of that going on at the moment.

Justin Ouellette
Get plenty of sleep.

Lance Wyman
Go for experience, there is nothing more valuable early in your career. Stay flexible and attentive, the field itself is a moving target as technology changes. Pay attention to your own values, it’s important not to loose them. Check in once in awhile to see if you’re happy with your work. If you’re not, consider positive change to help yourself out.

Martin Anderson
Work hard, think and don’t imitate other designer’s work

Milton Glaser
Work like mad; stay curious.

Rick Valicenti
Relax and let go. Remember sometimes the best design is like a pie in the face and other times it is like a dream that lingers, like a dream you never want to forget.

Wolfgang Weingart
Graphic Design can be very boring. Think about until you feel it is the right decision.

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