Would you designers a project/person that humbles you?

Aaron Horkey
Walton Ford.

Adam Tickle
The whole factory records movement!

Adrian Shaughnessy
I’m humbled by anyone who does good work – especially under difficult circumstances.

Dan McCarthy
Aaron Horkey. Every print he makes blows my mind.

Ed Fella
All of history humbles me. We have a rich and fabulous history in graphic design and commercial art. That’s humbling enough.

Eric Karjaluoto
My wife--she’s actively involved in making people’s lives better and doesn’t seek any attention for doing so. I’m always looking for approval from others; however, she just seems to do good things as though it’s the “default setting”. She’s an amazing role-model for our son.

Evan Leake
Aaron Horkey. The talent that guy has is just incredible. Every thing he releases blows me away and I can’t say enough good things about him.

Experimental Jetset
To be honest, we really don’t like the notion of being humbled. To be inspired is the opposite of being humbled. When we are talking to people whose work we really admire, like Wim Crouwel, or Linda van Deursen (of Mevis & Van Deursen), these persons never make us feel small and humble; they are doing the opposite. Their words energize us, give us the feeling we can do anything that we want.

This whole concept of being humbled is more a dark, romantic notion, recalling prehistoric man feeling small in front of the forces of nature. We have a more modernist outlook; we don’t see our heroes as forces of nature, but as equals.

Josef Müller-Brockmann

Flip Flop Flyin
Chris Ware is great, I think. He’s just very good at making simple drawings look beautiful.

Friedrich-Wilhelm Graf
Our daughter: smart as hell, cute and straight honest to the core.

All the religions in the world, great bodies of work like those of Tezuka, and Miyazaki, and many more great thinkers and artists throughout time. I think the human race and each person humbles us in different ways. We learn and see beauty in so many things that being humbled is such a pleasure at some moments.

George Lois
When it comes to creating Big Ideas in my work, nothing and nobody could possibly humble me. To be humble is to have no confidence in the power of your work, and the promise of greatness in your future work.

Hula Hula
The work of many designers humbles me. I will always look up to people who pay special attention to detail. In that sense the work of Marian Bantjes or Luc(as) de Groot and the people at Underware humbles me.

Ian Stevenson
The creators of South Park, Family Guy and The Simpsons are very good.

Jeff Domke
Deborah Adler, the graphic designer who created the ClearRx system now used by Target and works for Milton Glaser — she humbles me. Her solution to prescription packaging was empathic, honest and simple. It was an idea that orchestrated change. It’s one of those projects that makes me think, “why didn’t I think of that first?” Her achievements make me jealous and inspire feelings of personal inadequacy.

Lance Wyman
I am humbled by the accomplishments of the megolithic people. I was recently at the Newgrange site in Ireland and was impressed by the spirals carved on the stones there. They carved them over 4000 years ago, with tools made of stone, and gave such powerful form to their ideas.

We can only speculate on what their spirals mean but I resonate with the form, it is what I use to create a visual time line for my website. It took a while to create vector drawings of all my pre-computer symbols, I can’t imagine having to carve them in stone.

Milton Glaser
Daily life and death.

Rick Valicenti
I am most humbled by the courage of architects whose work will live on well beyond their time. The best of them are rarely afraid to reverberate with the tenor of their times: Maya Lin, Greg Lynn, Frank Gehry, Adrian Smith, Jeanne Gang, etc.

Wolfgang Weingart
Piet Zwart, and Werkman

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