If you couldn’t design, what would you be doing?

Adam Tickle
I think I would like to run a gallery or a bar.

Adrian Shaughnessy
I do as much writing these days as I do design, so I think that answers the question.

Andrew Blauvelt
My other majors in school were Photography, Modern Art History, and International Relations / Political Science... Who knows?

Dan McCarthy
I was an ice cream man before I was a designer. So.. I’d probably still be an ice cream man.

Ed Fella
I would be an artist.

Eric Karjaluoto
I’m interested in a number of things. I worked as a visual artist for some time and wouldn’t mind returning to that. Alternately, I’d enjoy writing more. If I could play decently, I’d just make music, but that will remain a fantasy for now, as I’m tone-deaf at best.

Evan Leake
I like to cook, so maybe a chef.

CreativeDirector of Nike.

Flip Flop Flyin
I’d probably be doing an average office job.

Friedrich-Wilhelm Graf
Probably doing music, art or something related. At least trying to do something interesting and valid. But on the other hand, almost every action is kind of a design. You shape your environment, conscious and unconscious...

Acting/ performing/ making all the giant impact art pieces we make in a different way that didn’t involve design. FWY world involves so much more than just design, however, design allows for the most clear communication of ideas we feel.

George Lois
I was born to create big ideas and communicate them in print and tv. (Nailing the Big Idea on paper or film is called “design”.) Case closed.

Hula Hula
I’d be playing an instrument, making music.

Ian Stevenson
Hmmm interesting... maybe I would have to enter the world of experimental dance and try to perform this new creation in front of the royal family.

Jeff Domke
Design pervades everything. I design food when I cook. I design adventures when I travel. I design a room when I move into a new apartment. But if I couldn’t do graphic design, I would probably become an techno-entrepreneur. Which means I would be designing products and companies.

Justin Ouellette
Music is my other passion, if I weren’t working in the visual arts I’d be trying to do something with sound. I don’t spend as much as time with it as I’d like.

Lance Wyman
If I could sing I would be singing. I’ve always had a secret desire to be a songwriter.

Martin Anderson
Zoo keeper / working with animals / school teacher in Africa

Milton Glaser
Since design encompasses most human activity, I would still be a designer.

Please Let Me Design
Damien: Playing with my band, making films, having a blog.

Pierre: Architect? Or maybe a carpenter... I like to think about things as objects. That’s what I like in making books.

Rick Valicenti
Something creative, generous and mentoring.

Wolfgang Weingart

Zoe Bather

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